Jamie Foxx has created an eyewear capsule collection with Privé Revaux inspired by his Disney and Pixar movie, 'Soul'.

The Hollywood star voices Joe Gardner - a passionate jazz pianist and music teacher whose soul gets separated from his body after an accident - in the upcoming flick, which will be released on Disney + Christmas Day (25.12.20).

And Foxx - who has been a partner of the affordable glasses brand since it launched three years ago - has designed frames similar to the ones Joe wears in the animated comedy.

The glasses - which block out blue light and come in a variety of colours - are called The Mentor, Born to Play and The Half Note, and come with hidden messages and nods to the movie located on the frames.

The 52-year-old actor said: “Our goal is to make eyewear where we take our time with the design and we make it hot.

“This collaboration with Privé Revaux, Disney and Pixar just made a lot of sense for me and for our brand. It combines some of my passions and brings this character, Joe Gardner, to life with something you and your whole family can wear. And I hope that audiences take away from this collection pure joy.”

The ‘Just Mercy’ star - who has made history as the first Black lead in a Pixar film with the role - also revealed he owns “thousands” of shades and loves to get his clothes and accessories from high street brands such as Zara.

He added to WWD.com that he has “a thousand pairs of shades, including about 50 pairs of Privé shades, which I also give to my friends and family.

"I like to say that my style is ‘grown man fresh’ but also pretty simple. A few years ago, I was in Singapore where there are the most incredible stores in the world. They have a whole Louis Vuitton island. There’s Gucci. There’s everything. And I was trying to find a shirt. At most of the stores all the shirts were thousands of dollars, and just didn’t fit right. Then I hit Zara up, and found the shirt for $27. Everyone was like, ‘Jamie, where’d you get that shirt from?’ Also my guy, Jack Manson keeps me right — his line is called Jack Manson Signature.”