Jamie Lee Curtis doubts that she will play Laurie Strode again following 'Halloween Ends'.

The 62-year-old actress is reprising the role for the latest movie in the slasher franchise, 'Halloween Kills', but has suggested that she will not be tempted back to the part for a TV series once the current trilogy concludes.

Asked if she would have interest in playing Laurie again, Jamie told SFX magazine: "I would probably say no, to you just here, just to be honest with you.

"I feel like David (Gordon Green) and Danny (McBride) have created actual poetry. I think the 2018 movie was so spectacular and so deep, and thoughtful, and completely partnered with the 1978 movie."

She continued: "And then this last movie is operatic in its violence to such a degree. It's so brutal. 'Halloween Kills' is so brutal.

"Unless David figures out a way, I just can't imagine somebody else coming up with a way that makes sense to me."

Jamie returned to the role of Laurie in 2018's 'Halloween', which serves as a direct sequel to the original 1978 flick, and didn't realise that she was signing up for a trilogy at first.

Asked if was always planned to be a trilogy, the 'True Lies' star said: "It was not, but during the making – I think during the editing process – I understood it to be a trilogy.

"I knew there was some thought of it. But we didn't sign on for a trilogy, I signed on for a movie. But very quickly, I think we understood that there was more to tell than one story.

"There was the story of Laurie, there was the story of the town, and then the story of violence itself. There are three aspects to it."