Jamie Lee Curtis says social media is bad for people's mental health.

The ‘Halloween Ends’ star says having smartphones constantly showing us “tragedies” - such as the ongoing conflict in Ukraine - via apps is ultimately not good for humanity.

Appearing on SiriusXM’s ‘The Jess Cagle Podcast with Julia Cunningham’, she said: “We have these devices in our hands. And we are looking at tragedies. We're watching the war in Ukraine. We're waking up to images of people, you know, on the streets of Ukraine who have survived these rocket attacks. And then we're watching duck memes."

After the rapper Kanye West, 45, had his Twitter and Instagram accounts locked over the weekend following anti-Semitic posts, the 63-year-old actress condemned his opinions as being very dangerous.

Speaking about the incident, Jamie said: “Then we get a feed where this person puts up and not not just Anti-Semitic, DEFCON Three on Jewish people.

“That’s been done before. It's called the Holocaust. And that every single person on Twitter, every single person on Twitter didn't rise up and say you just can't say that. That's not okay."