Jason Orange has been flirting with Les Dawson's daughter.

The 'Greatest Day' singer met Charlotte - the 21-year-old offspring of the late comedian - at Manchester bar and although she didn't realise who he was at first, the pair ''quickly hit it off''.

A source told the Sunday Mirror newspaper: ''Jason and Charlotte got chatting Neighbourhood on a Sunday evening and quickly hit it off - even though she wasn't totally sure who he was.''

Charlotte and the 43-year-old star got on well, and it is said the pair have since ''had another chat on the phone''.

The insider added: ''She did think he was quite a lot older than her, but he was charming and funny and they chatted for ages before he gave her his number and made it quite clear he'd like to take her out.

''He certainly seemed pretty keen and Charlotte's a gorgeous girl, but she's been quite coy about it since.

''They've definitely had another chat on the phone so who knows what will happen?''

Charlotte's father Les - a legendary entertainer - passed away in 1993, and Jason's Take That bandmate Gary Barlow often pays tribute to him during live shows.