Guitar great Jeff Beck has no plans to mark the 45th anniversary of his first Jeff Beck GROUP album, Truth, by reteaming with old pal and frontman Rod Stewart - because the singer's voice has changed too much.

Stewart recently floated the idea of a joint The Faces and Jeff Beck Group reunion tour for 2014, but the idea of hitting the stage again with the Baby Jane singer is not high on Beck's list of priorities.

He tells, "He doesn't sound the same. The timbre of his voice has changed, and therefore there's no point in trying to do Truth 2 or anything like that. He should've called me 25 years ago for that, or when I did (song) People Get Ready with him (in 1985) would've been a good time. But his manager didn't want that. I don't think he wants to lose his boy back into my evil clutches, so that never happened."

And Beck has tested his friendship with Stewart by urging the rocker to "focus" if he ever wants to do something with his old bandmate again, poking fun at the singer's love of sports.

The guitarist states, "I've already done 11 demos for him, and he said they were in the wrong key. So there's the commitment; he didn't even tell me which key to do these tracks. But I don't want these sour grapes.

"He prefers (soccer), and maybe that's the problem. I'm not holding my breath."

Beck's comments come just over a month after Stewart told the same news outlet his old pal was mad at him.

He explained, "When Jeff's angry at you, he stays angry for a long time. We were going to do a blues album... but we couldn't agree on a great many things. I sent him a Christmas card, or emailed him a Christmas card, the year before last and never heard anything back."