Singer Chiquis Rivera's biological father was imprisoned for molesting her, but she has never spoken about another sexual assault at the hands of another adult, until now.

In her new book Forgiveness, she details the abuse and tells U.S. news show Access Hollywood, "I wanna be liberated from any baggage from my past."

Rivera struggled with the big reveal in her book, admitting she wasn't sure if it was something she wanted to share.

She adds, "It was something that for so many years I felt embarrassed about, because I was so confused about it, but then I felt that it was necessary to tell this huge secret that I had kept even from my mum, to share it with the world, because you are going to be able to understand the rest of my story."

Chiquis' father, Jose Trinidad Marin, was convicted on various sexual assault and rape counts in 2006 and jailed in 2007. As well as molesting his daughter, he also sexually abused Jenni Rivera's younger sister.