Members of tragic singer Jenni Rivera's family have launched a copyright lawsuit against her former manager Laura Lucio.

The plaintiffs are asking a judge to instruct law enforcement officials to confiscate the late star's writings and interviews from Lucio so she cannot use them for a book project, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

In January (14), Lucio filed a lawsuit claiming Rivera's relatives published a biography of the singer using the writings and interviews that she helped put together before the Latin star died in a plane crash in 2012.

Lucio alleged her book project, Mi Vida Loca, which she claimed to have written with the singer, was shelved following Rivera's death but was later published under a new title, Unbreakable, without her permission.

Rivera's family subsequently had the lawsuit moved out of a state court and into federal court, but in September (14), U.S. District Judge George Wu granted Lucio's request to have the case moved back to state court.

She then published the materials and the family members are now claiming they are the rightful owners of them.

The lawsuit reads, "Defendant even falsely listed herself as the author of these copyrighted works, created by Jenni Rivera and/or owned by Jenni Rivera Enterprises, in a registration of a manuscript titled Jenni Rivera, Mi Vida Loca (My Crazy Life) as told to Laura Lucio; with the Writer's Guild of America's Intellectual Property Registry."