Jennifer Lopez has confessed she has a bling cup obsession.

For her latest promo for her second collection with Coach - which she designed with Creative Director Stuart Vevers - the 'Waiting For Tonight' hitmaker interviewed herself and mocked the fact she can't count how many of the bedazzled accessories she has to go with her outfits.

Speaking to herself in the clip, she says: "Hi Jennifer", to which she replies: "What's up, JLo?"

The 52-year-old megastar then asks: "Wrapping this up with a very important, tell-all question ... How many bling cups do you actually have?"

And she admits: "Um. .. you don't want to know."

Her alter ego then spills: "No, you don't know. You have so many that you actually do not know. It's actually kind of crazy and pathetic."

In a statement about her new collection, Jennifer said: "Coach and I have a lot in common. Mostly we believe in the power of being real — in authenticity.

"This collection is so Coach and so me. It's wearable and a little bit glamorous — but also sporty. It's that mix that really excites me. It's the unedited, unfiltered, raw version of us."

According to, the 'In The Morning' singer designed a red fanny pack - or bum bag in the UK - with a gold chain to match her cups for the latest drop.

Meanwhile, Jennifer previously insisted she would never wear "chunky heels".

The 'On The Floor' singer is very particular with her footwear choices and admitted she will never be caught wearing an army-style boot or robust shoe because she isn't a fan of "heavy" footwear and prefers more feminine items that "sparkle".

Speaking about her style preferences, the brunette beauty said: "I'm not a big fan of chunky heels or any shoes that feel and look heavy. I love sleek, refined, and feminine, with a bit of sparkle."