Miley Cyrus has inspired more than one celebrity costume this Halloween. On Saturday (26th October) Hugh Hefner and his wife Crystal dressed as Robin Thicke and Cyrus at the MTV VMA's whilst Paris Hilton attended the same Playboy party dressed in Cyrus' VMAs teddy. The Cyrus - and Playboy- theme was continued by former Playmate Jenny McCarthy. The 40-year-old dressed as Cyrus' tongue!

Jenny McCarthy
Jenny McCarthy dressed as Miley Cyrus' tongue for Halloween this year.

For anyone who has missed Cyrus' favourite pose, it includes the 20-year-old sticking her tongue out as far as possible. McCarthy's costume consists of a large mouth surrounding, complete with a set of teeth and a large pink tongue which surrounds her head and ends around the middle of her thigh. The costume is brilliant but probably not the most practical. 

McCarthy shared her costume with fans on Twitter. The first photograph had the caption "Happy Halloween" and the second, evidently posted when confused fans enquired as to what McCarthy was dressed as, read "Yes indeed I am Miley's tongue." To the second tweet she added the quip "I carved sledgehammers all day," referring to Cyrus' latest music video for 'Wrecking Ball' in which the singer licks a sledgehammer before breaking down the walls of the set.

As previously mentioned, McCarthy was not the only celebrity to have been inspired by the former Disney star's recent antics. Paris Hilton turned up at Hugh Hefner's Halloween party at the Playboy Mansion on Saturday (26th October) wearing a grey teddy - emblazoned with a teddy- like the one Cyrus wore at the MTV VMAs back in August. The host of the party Hefner and his wife Crystal dressed as Robin Thicke and Cyrus. Hefner wore a striped suit, a gold chain and sunglasses whilst his wife wore a short yellow dress. Crystal Hefner, despite being a former Playboy bunny, was more modestly dressed than Cyrus had been at the VMAs. She wore a short dress and her hair up in buns, unlike Cyrus who had chosen a nude coloured bikini.