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3rd February 2007

Quote: "We didn't want to end up like Pete Doherty. No one even talks about his music anymore." Jet drummer and vocalist CHRIS CESTER on why he and his band members cut back on using drugs and alcohol.

3rd January 2007

Quote: "I personally don't think I have any flaws, therefore I don't consider it necessary to make any resolutions. If you're on a winning ticket, why change?" Confident Jet frontman NICK CESTER has no need for New Year's resolutions.

24th November 2006

Quote: "Who are you Madonna? Can everyone just shut the f**k up about her? LIKE A VIRGIN? How the hell did she become so f**king famous? What, for masturbating? Everyone does that, love..." Australian rockers Jet are scornful of Madonna's controversial publicity stunts.

23rd November 2006

Quote: "They might Live Forever, but they can't drink forever. They're no spring chickens - though Liam Gallagher puts up a pretty good fight!" Australian rock band Jet boast they can handle their alcohol better than the Oasis boys.

1st November 2006

Quote: "I may be the only Australian male to have joined the mile-high club between Melbourne and Sydney, which is, incidentally, only a 45-minute flight." Jet star CHRIS CESTER boasts about his sexual highlight.

25th October 2006

Fact: Jet star CHRIS CESTER collects sunglasses, admitting, "I have so many pairs it's really quite ridiculous Every time I go past a place with sunglasses, I have to look at every pair "


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