Review of Freedom: Atlanta Pop Festival Album by Jimi Hendrix

When it comes to the late Jimi Hendrix, there is only one thing to know. Hendrix is one of the most named and influential people in classic rock and not only does his guitar playing epitomize the meaning of cool, he's also technically one of the best of all time. Each and every one of his recorded live performances, which include Woodstock, Monterey and the Atlanta Pop Festival, are legendary.

Jimi Hendrix Freedom: Atlanta Pop Festival Album

Until now, Hendrix's performance at the Atlanta Pop Festival was never available on vinyl, though some excerpts have been featured in different documentaries and albums.
For the first time, Freedom: Atlanta Pop Festival explores this rare gem. The concert featured bassist Billy Cox (who took over from longtime Experience bassist Noel Redding), and drummer Mitch Mitchell.

The album features Hendrix in his prime. His performance of "Purple Haze," particularly his guitar solo on that track, showcases his true musicianship, and leaves no question as to why he is a rock legend. "Freedom" is another standout track that demonstrates the greatness of Hendrix's live essence. The vibe Hendrix gives the crowd during this performance leaves one to wonder, what would Jimi Hendrix be like if he were still alive and playing today?

Also recently released by Sony is a documentary, Jimi Hendrix: Electric Church, featuring rare live performances of the Atlanta Pop Fest with interviews featuring those who were there to experience it.

For the die-hard Hendrix fans, this album is long overdue.

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