Christmastime for most people is the time of year when you get together with your whole family, exchange gifts, eat yourselves stupid, watch the same movies and, of course, play a few games. Aside from the usual charades, karaoke, Cards Against Humanity and board games, here's some super entertaining games you can play, all inspired by talk show segments.

Jimmy Fallon at the Golden Globes after partyJimmy Fallon at the Golden Globes after party

1. Whisper Challenge: A 'Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' favourite, this one is loud and very silly. The aim of the game is to guess what phrase the challenger is saying just by reading their lips. The person guessing has to wear headphones blaring loud music so they can't hear; though of course you could just have the challenger mouthe the words instead. 

2. Heads Up: Ellen Degeneres launched this mobile app in 2013, and she often plays it with the guests on her show. It's essentially fancy, speedy charades where the person guessing has to hold up their phone in front of them with the gameplay facing their challenger, while the challenger has to act out whatever is on the screen. You can pass on any of them, and the aim is to get as many as possible in the given time. 

3. Dance Battle: Space is needed for this next Jimmy Fallon game, and also a bit of imagination. Essentially, you need to come up with a few weird dance move ideas (like 'Toastin' Waffles', 'Flashlight With a Mind of Its Own', 'Trying to Fix an 80s TV') and players select one blindly and at random. Whoever turns their 'dance' into the most awesome routine wins the game.

4. Spill Your Guts, Or Fill Your Guts: This one is perhaps a little less easy to execute. On this game, James Corden provides a selection of gross 'food' items such as bull penis, bird saliva and a thousand year old egg for himself and a guest. They ask each other personal questions that they must answer honestly or forfeit the round by eating something that the other person has chosen for them. We wouldn't recommend bringing in food like that unless you're an expert, but everyone knows what foods their brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers hate so use your imagination.

5. Telephone: Essentially the same as Chinese Whispers, and one that is funnier the more people that are involved. There's no winning or losing here, it's just a game of pure amusement and one that you don't need any props for. 

6. Face It Challenge: There is definitely a lot of losing involved in this game. You have a series of cards with random facial expressions on them, and you have to make funny faces based on what is on the card and then stare at each other until one of you laughs. Whoever loses their expression first loses the game. An amazing one to play with kids.

7. Wheel of Impressions: If your family game skill level is high, this might be one to consider. You select a random subject and a person (like a celebrity or TV character) and you have to talk about that subject while doing an impression of that person. To make it more fun, have family members guess who you are trying to impersonate.

8. Sentence Sneak: The aim of this game is just to sneak randomly selected sentences into conversation. Again, there aren't necessarily any winners or losers, but it would certainly make for some entertaining dinnertime chatter.