Chace Crawford turned down the chance to join the Chippendales.

The former 'Gossip Girl' star was approached by an agent in the gym who asked him to try out to join the dance troupe, who are known for their striptease routines, but he politely declined the proposal.

Speaking during a virtual appearance on 'The Tonight Show, he told host Jimmy Fallon: ''That actually is a true story. That was probably back in the first iPhone days...

''I've never gotten to fully tell it...I did turn it down.

''I lived in New York, it's cold, I liked to work out at the gym in my building. Usually no one is ever up there, except this one guy, he would always be up there, you know, smelling good, tight clothes. I thought he was a trainer.''

The 35-year-old actor recalled the man approaching and asking if he was a ''model type''.

He quipped: ''I'm kind of like a work out alone no conversation type.

''I'm teasing, he was very nice.

''He asked me for some headshots...which I usually carry with me to the gym but didn't have them that day.

''He goes, 'Hey, I do this bootcamp if you'd like to try out for Chippendales.' ''

Although Chace declined the approach, he joked that he'd ''really messed up'' and should have taken the man up on the offer.

He said: ''This was pre-'Magic Mike' days. I really messed up, I should've done it.''

The 'Boys' actor previously admitted he finds it ''tiresome'' that his good looks overshadow his acting talent.

Asked if it's frustrating to have his talent overshadowed by his looks, he said: ''Well, it's definitely strange. I guess there are worse problems to have, but it can be a little tiresome because I don't like attention being drawn to me. I have a specific look and it's my job to play against that.''

And Chace thinks his hunky good looks led to him being typecast when 'Gossip Girl' ended, making landing new jobs difficult.

He added: ''It's frustrating when you know you're not getting cast because you look... well, because you're a heartthrob from this thing. I know this happens and it's okay.''