Sir Jimmy Savile sexually assaulted victims aged five to 75 and "interfered" with dead bodies, according to a report into his sickening campaign of abuse at hospitals across the U.K.

The Dj and Bbc broadcaster was unmasked as a serial paedophile following his death in 2011, with a police investigation uncovering more than 450 cases of sexual abuse.

Savile is also alleged to have molested male and female patients after being given access to hospital wards and mental health facilities in England.

An independent investigation into incidents across 28 National Health Service (Nhs) hospitals has now found that at Leeds General Infirmary in the north of England, he abused 60 people, ranging from children to pensioners, 33 of whom were patients.

Incidents ranged from lewd remarks and inappropriate touching to sexual assault, as well as three allegations of rape.

The first accusation of abuse stems back to 1960, when Savile was in his 30s, to as recently as 2009, when he was in his 80s.

An investigator on the panel, which faced the press in London on Thursday (26Jun14), also repeated "incredibly disturbing" claims that Savile is suspected to have interfered with dead bodies in the morgue at Leeds General Infirmary while acting as a volunteer porter in the 1980s.

Julian Hartley, chief executive of Leeds Teaching Hospitals, said, "This is a profoundly shocking report in which for the first time we are able to gain a clear picture of the abuse perpetrated by Jimmy Savile during his involvement with our hospitals in Leeds, in particular the Leeds General Infirmary, which started in 1962 and continued through to late 2000s."