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14th November 2016

Quote: “It was intense. I was learning to write a screenplay while writing a screenplay. It’s a totally different thing to novels. It was a real challenge. To tell you the truth, I loved that. I am still learning." J.K. Rowling confesses it was not easy writing the script for her new movie, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, after years of writing novels.

8th August 2016

Fact: London's the British Library will host an exhibition celebrating the 20th anniversary of the first Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. The event, which will feature feature material from its author Jk Rowling's archives and information on Harry's wizarding world, will open next year (17) and will run from 20 October (17) until 28 February 2018. Rowling's first book in her series of novels following the magical schoolboy has sold more than 100 million copies since it was released in 1997.

27th November 2015

Quote: "We were looking at each other, getting nearer and nearer, and at almost exactly the same moment we both put out our hands. What was amazing to me was, Morrissey knew who I was." Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling on meeting her music hero Morrissey.

1st September 2015

Tweet: "I'm in Edinburgh, so could somebody at King's Cross wish James S Potter good luck for me? He's starting at Hogwarts today... Have just heard that James S Potter has been Sorted (to nobody's surprise) into Gryffindor. Teddy Lupin (Head Boy, Hufflepuff) disappointed." HARRY POTTER author J.K. Rowling updates fans on the son of her boy wizard character's first day at school.

2nd August 2015

Quote: "I could talk about the millions of lives Jo has enriched whether through the stories and characters she's created or through the millions of pounds she's given to charity. She's a remarkable woman. However, I would like to thank Jo for changing MY (sic) life. Without her imagination and her talent I would never have become the man I am today." HARRY POTTER star Matthew Lewis, who played Neville Longbottom in the movies, writes a heartfelt tribute to J.K. Rowling to mark her 50th birthday on Friday (31Jul15).

13th July 2015

Fact: HARRY POTTER author J.K. Rowling has blasted a Twitter user who claimed 2015 Wimbledon tennis champ Serena Williams is "built like a man" after the writer shared a photo of herself posing with the sportswoman after Saturday's (11Jul15) big win online. Rowling responded, "You're an idiot."

15th June 2015

Quote: "Children still come up to me and ask if I can turn them into a cat. Unfortunately it’s a very tricky thing to do.” DAME Maggie Smith on the strange request she gets from eager Harry Potter fans. The British acting veteran and Downton Abbey star played Professor Minerva MCGonagall in the movies, based on the J.K. Rowling novels.

5th May 2015

Quote: "Today I would just like to say I'm really sorry about Fred *Bows head in acceptance of your reasonable ire...* I thought I might apologise for one death per anniversary. Fred was the worst for me, so I started with him." Author J.K. Rowling apologises to Harry Potter fans for killing off Fred Weasley on the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts.

13th April 2015

Quote: "You look so much like Harry. That’s probably not what grown men want to hear.” Author J.K. Rowling compares British comedian-turned-U.S. TV personality John Oliver to her literary boy wizard Harry Potter at a Rainbow Room fundraiser for the U.S. arm of Rowling’s nonprofit Lumos, which works to keep disadvantaged children out of orphanages.

21st July 2008

Fact: Harry Potter fans are paying almost $2,000 (GBP1,000) to stay in a hotel room in Scotland's The Balmoral where Jk Rowling finished writing HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS. Room 552, which includes the writing desk she used, has been renamed the JK Rowling Suite.

2nd July 2008

Fact: Harry Potter author Jk Rowling has raised almost $36,000 (GBP18,000) for charity after auctioning off first editions of each of the seven books in the wizard franchise.

11th June 2008

Fact: Harry Potter author Jk Rowling has raised $50,000 (GBP25,000) for charity after auctioning off a one-off 800 word prequel to her famous wizard book franchise at a London auction on Monday (10Jun08).

26th May 2007

Fact: The latest Harry Potter book from British author Jk Rowling, HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS is being printed in a small town in Germany by labourers forced to work in total darkness so they can't read the book. Security is so tight that workers at the GGP Print factory in Poessneck are searched upon arrival and departure of the plant and assured they will be fired if so much as a page is smuggled out.

9th January 2007

Fact: The last Harry Potter book, HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS, has topped the bestsellers book chart at Amazon.co.uk, despite the Jk Rowling novel not yet having a release date.

25th August 2006

Fact: A first-edition copy of HARRY POTTER AND THE PHILOSOPHER'S STONE has sold for GBP20,000 ($38,000). The Jk Rowling book dates from 1997, and is the eighth most expensive book ever sold by online store Abebooks.

24th January 2006

Fact: <p>Harry Potter author Jk Rowling is set to visit Romania this week (ends27JAN06) to be the guest of honour at a fundraising dinner. The British writer was recently named as a trustee of the Children's High Level Group, which focuses on child health across Europe. </p>

4th December 2005

Fact: <p>Harry Potter author Jk Rowling is protected at her luxurious mansion in Edinburgh, Scotland, by a former member of the British Army's Special Air Service (SAS). </p>

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