Jodie Comer had an ''unhealthy obsession'' with Alexa Chung.

The 'Killing Eve' actress spent her teenage years ''wanting to be'' the 36-year-old model-and-presenter because she thought she was stunning and very engaging.

Jodie said: ''I had an unhealthy obsession with [Alexa]. Me and my friends grew up watching her on Channel 4's T4, and she was this beautiful, really funny, witty, charming person that I completely wanted to be.''

When she was around 15, Jodie had her long hair cut into a bob to mimic Alexa's and was ''absolutely devastated'' when the trim didn't turn out the way she wanted.

After her bob, she had it recut into a ''super-styled cropped nest'' after convincing a reluctant hairdresser to recreate the look - and was left equally dissatisfied.

She told Stella magazine: ''I remember getting the bus home sobbing and I opened the door and my dad said, 'I told you so.' It was traumatic.'''

The 'Talking Heads' actress is very ''precious'' about her eyebrows and won't let make-up artists loose on them when she's working after too many disasters in the past.

She said: ''I've got to have eyebrow gel. I can go very minimal with make-up now, but I always feel I need to make sure my brows are locked in position before I start my day.

''Even when I'm filming a show, I do my brows myself; I'm a bit precious about them.

''I used to have no eyebrows. I remember vividly watching myself in 'My Mad Fat Diary', I must have been about 18, and my eyes are quite far apart anyway, but I was watching it thinking, 'Why do my eyes look like they are on the side of my head?'

''I had plucked my brows so much that they started about halfway through each eyeball. Now I just leave them. Good brows completely lift your face.''