The Great Gatsby star was stunned when radio duo Hamish Blake and Andy Lee handed him a timepiece worth around $35,456 (£22,160), declaring, "What the f**k is that? Are you serious?... You got me a fake Rolex?"

Blake replied, "No that's the real deal... We don't have a lot of guests on the show this year and we want to make it special for them when they come on."

After the actor left the studio, Blake made a call to a producer and declared, "Don't let him leave... He's got a $47,000 (Australian dollars) watch."

Edgerton was then handed the cell phone as he made his way to the exit, with Blake pleading with him, "Please don't leave with it. It's got like eight diamonds in it. It's like the most expensive thing any of us have ever touched... If you're trying to distract us while you've kept walking, please don't because there are two people from Rolex in here who have been assigned to guard the watch."

The star took the gag in good spirits, adding, "Yeah you pranked me... You just wanted to give me the inappropriate gift. You know what I love about you guys is that you're not in the business of taking things back."