David Chase, the brains behind 'The Sopranos', is due to release his first feature film tomorrow (December 21st 2012) entitled 'Not Fade Away'.

The movie is about a group of three friends in New Jersey who harbour dreams of setting up their own rock band after watching The Rolling Stones perform on TV. A young man called Douglas becomes the lead singer, defying his father's wishes and transforming himself in order to break through with his music. However, things get tense between the bandmates when his antics start affecting their success.  The movie's title has been named after the Stones cover of the song by Buddy Holly which became the band's first ever US single.

It stars John Magaro, Jack Huston and Will Brill and is a semi-autobiographical account of Chase's youth when he was striving for stardom. Huston was recently interviewed by Vulture.com and admitted that he struggled to get the role on the movie and went through a gruelling audition process. 'I had six or seven auditions!' He said. 'David sort of liked me for the movie, and I flew to New York, and then he didn't like me at all for the movie anymore. I was like, I blew it! So then I put myself on tape, and he considered me again.'