Jon Bernthal will be returning to the role of Frank Castle in 'The Punisher', taking on the character once more for Marvel Television following his hugely successful debut in the second season of 'Daredevil'. Streaming exclusively on Netflix, the show will see Castle uncover an underground criminal organisation that stems much farther than just New York City, and affects more people than he could imagine.

Jon Bernthal stars as Frank Castle, aka The Punisher on NetflixJon Bernthal stars as Frank Castle, aka The Punisher on Netflix

Whilst he was originally meant to be a villain, Punisher was quickly turned into an anti-hero on the pages of Marvel comic books, and that's the role he's slotted into following his debut on Netflix. Joined by the likes of Jason R. Moore, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, Michael Nathanson, Jaime Ray Newman and Amber Rose Revah in the solo series, Bernthal is in incredible company, with 'The Punisher' looking set to be one of the most memorable originals available on Netflix.

Due to recent tragedies in the United States, there were rumours of the show being pushed back from its original planned premiere date because of the gun violence that will be included in the series' storyline. Now though, there's under a week to go until the whole series drops on the streaming service, and Bernthal hopes it encourages the gun control debate to continue.

Speaking with USA Today, the actor was asked about the gun control debate currently going on in the United States, and said of the series: "Art, at its absolute best, can hold a mirror to society and can make society look at and question itself. I don’t think it’s our job to answer those questions, but I do think it’s our job to make us ask the questions. If this show does that in some way, I think that’s a really positive thing."

No matter your political alignment, it should be classed as a good thing that the public are allowed to so freely discuss such important matters. Whether or not the reaction will affect anything larger than the series in the long-run remains to be seen, but in a time with so much dissent flying around, it's good to know that those involved in what will likely be one of the year's biggest shows aren't afraid to infuse real-life issues into their work.

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'The Punisher' comes to Netflix on Friday, November 17.