Fresh from the success at winning the prestigious Best Drama at the Television Critics Association Awards on Saturday night, the latest episode of the final series roared onto American TV screens over the weekend, leaving critics poring over the lead characters including Walt White and Jesse Pinkman.

The Huffington Post is fully expecting the team of Jesse, Walt and Mike Ehrmantraut - played by Jonathan Banks - to ultimately fail despite their new union, but pointed at several moments in Sunday's episode that suggested as to how they were going to work together first. Walt at this point is being described as a "smirking, arrogant monster", and despite his business venture with the other two he appears to view himself as above them. Indeed, Walt continues to play mind games over his new partners throughout the episode and goes on to get Jesse to break up with his girlfriend. When 'Breaking Bad' first started, Walt was a relatively meek character, and Entertainment Weekly reports that the show's creator Vince Gilligan had always intended him to gradually grow into a 'Scarface'-style criminal boss from his humble beginnings. That point was made explicit in this latest episode which saw Walt watching 'Scarface' itself whilst cradling his son Walt Jr.

The episode seems to have been warmly received by critics, and comes atop more praise with the aforementioned TCA win where the show beat out the hotly tipped 'Mad Men'.