Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been ''having a blast'' amid the coronavirus lockdown.

The 39-year-old actor has relished the opportunity to spend a prolonged period of time at home with his wife Tasha McCauley and their two sons, revealing he's tried to remain creative during the lockdown.

Joseph shared: ''I'm here with my family having a blast together.

''It sounds weird to say that when you see people struggling with their health, what's happening with the economy and [a] weird polarisation where people are seeing what's happening in such different lights.

''That's all quite stressful, which is why I've been trying to focus on just doing something creative every day, staying productive and spending time with my family.''

Joseph also revealed he's been enjoying doing simple, everyday tasks during his time at home.

The Hollywood star told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''When you really focus on the washing of the dishes, you're like, 'Isn't it a miracle that I even have hands? And that we have hot water that can come out of this sink and I can wash it and put it in this rack and it dries and gravity pulls the water down?'

''All of this is a miracle!''

Meanwhile, Joseph - whose sons were born in August 2015 and June 2017 - previously explained why he's chosen to protect the identity of his kids.

Speaking in 2017, the actor shared: ''My son, he's just a baby, you know? He hasn't made the choice to be in the public eye, and that's a choice that I would like him to be able to make when he's older, when he can think about these kinds of things and make that decision for himself.

''And so, for now, I'm just a protective dad, and I want to protect his privacy.''