Josh Homme was nearly in a car crash with an actress from 'One Tree Hill'.

The Queens Of The Stone Age rocker has recalled how one evening he had been driving his expensive 1967 Camaro car through the Hollywood Hills when he saw a Range Rover heading towards him down the narrow road.

In a bid to avoid a collision, he quickly swerved and put his vehicle through a fence near where a group of locals were enjoying a party in their garden.

Making a jokey comment to the bewildered onlookers, telling them ''Sorry I'm late!'', Josh was astounded when the driver of the SUV jumped out and revealed who she was.

Speaking to, the musician added: ''So I get out [of the car], and there was this guy who kind of looked like Kyle Glass [of Tenacious D] across the street, and he's got a guitar on.

''He goes, 'Dude, Queens of the Stone Age just ran through the fence across the street!' And then [the driver of the Range Rover] goes, 'I'm on 'One Tree Hill'' I go, 'That's not the way to make fans. And by the way, I almost hit one tree on this hill.' ''

This isn't Josh's first near-death experience after almost dying on the operating table during knee surgery in 2010, leaving him bedridden for months and close to quitting music.

He previously said: ''I was in bed for four months and went through things that I'd never been through before. When I got up, I didn't want to make music any more.

''I had all these feelings that everything was wrong. It was, 'Woe is me', but more than a depression. There was a heavy disconnect between me and music. I'd never felt that before.''