Nobody expects the band to turn on them when they attend a live rock show, but that's exactly what happened when one photographer showed up at a Queens Of The Stone Age concert. Chelsea Lauren found herself in hospital over the weekend after Josh Homme kicked her in the head while she was working.

Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age performing liveJosh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age performing live

The young photographer revealed what had happened on social media soon after the event at KROQ Acoustic Christmas' 28th annual holiday concert, posting a video of the incident while she waited to be discharged from Cedars-Sinai Hospital.

'Thanks to Josh Homme [of] Queens of the Stone Age I now get to spend my night in the ER. Seriously, WHO DOES THAT?!?' Chelsea wrote on Instagram. She later elaborated on the incident with updates on her injuries. 'My neck is a sore, my eyebrow bruised and I'm a bit nauseous. The doctor released me early in the morning.' 

She also posted two images showing Josh in the seconds before he kicked her and a third a short while afterwards 'after he cut his own face with a knife'. She also revealed how she had actually looked out for the band's safety ahead of the set.

'I was in the pit in tears - and he just stared at me smiling', she said. 'I hold nobody accountable for this but Josh himself... The irony is someone had thrown an ice cube on to the very slick catwalk before the QOTSA set. I was afraid that one of the band members might slip and hurt themselves so, when the lights went dark, I used my arm to wipe down the runway so nobody would hurt themselves.'

Josh Homme has since apologised with a written statement, blaming the incident on 'being lost in performance' and claiming that he had 'kicked over various lighting and equipment' on the stage and that's how Chelsea got caught in the crossfire. Needless to say, few people were happy with this statement and he went on to post a video apology instead, this time with no excuses.

'Last night, at a Queens of the Stone Age performance, I kicked the camera of a photographer and the camera hit the photographer in the face and the photographer's name was Chelsea Lauren', Josh explained in his Twitter video. 'I'd just like to apologise to Chelsea Lauren. I don't have any excuse or reason to justify what I did. I was a total d**k and I'm truly sorry and I hope you're ok. I've made a lot of mistakes in my life and last night was definitely one of them.'

He also goes on to apologise to everyone else in his life who might be disappointed in his actions. 'I want to be a good man but I think last night I definitely failed at that and that means I failed my family and my friends as well', he continued. 'I don't want them to ever be ashamed or embarrassed about being around me or knowing me. So I apologise also to my bandmates, my mom and my dad, my wife, my brother and my kids.'

'I'm gonna have to figure out some stuff, I think, because rock and roll is a wonderful thing. It's supposed to save and help people, not mess them up', he added, finishing with another apology to the photographer: 'I understand you have to do whatever you have to do, I just want you to know that I'm sorry.'

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Apology or no apology, Chelsea firmly believes that the QOTSA frontman's actions were very deliberate and, according to Variety, she is planning to press charges.