Jourdan Dunn says Naomi Campbell gave her a half-naked hug when they first met.

The model reveals she had no time to be nervous when she made the supermodel's acquaintance backstage at the launch of Kate Moss' Topshop clothing range, and says the fashion veteran - who is known for her diva reputation - uncharacteristically introduced herself with a warm embrace.

She recalled: ''I was half-naked backstage when she just came running up to me in front of everyone and gave me a massive hug and said, 'Hi darling, it's so great to meet you, we must have lunch.' So I wasn't nervous because I didn't have time to register being scared, really.

''I was just thinking, 'I'm half naked and Naomi Campbell is hugging me in front of everyone, and now we're going to have lunch. OK...' ''

It seems Naomi, 43, has taken a vested interest in the 22-year-old beauty - who has been heralded as a successor to 'The Face' judge as the next black supermodel - and has even been offering Jourdan words of wisdom.

She told Vogue UK: ''We were chatting early on in my career backstage at the Hermès show in Paris and she told me I had to look after myself; to remember to look after number one.

''She told me to take my own snacks on shoots in case they forget to feed you - which they do sometimes! And she told me not to forget to ask for time off otherwise you'll be booked in for job after job after job and never get a break.''