Jourdan Dunn brushes her hair with a toothbrush.

The 24-year-old beauty insists the slender teeth-cleaning devices are beauty must-haves because they are better at taming flyaway strands of hair than regular hairbrushes.

Asked her hair essential, she said: ''My toothbrush. It sounds random but it's not just good for brushing teeth.

''I use mine to brush through my eyebrows and tame flyaway hairs around my face too.''

Jourdan seems to carry a lot of unusual items in her make-up bag as she also relies on a small piece of card when applying cosmetics.

She explained: ''To get really big lashes, place a piece of card behind your eyelashes, get your mascara and press it up against the card. It makes your lashes look curlier and your eyes bigger.''

Despite her slender frame, the Victoria's Secret beauty insists she is happy to indulge in her favourite foods and doesn't work out, but claims her everyday life keeps her in shape.

She told LOOK magazine: ''I'm so lazy, I don't go to the gym or anything.

''I stay fit by just running to different jobs or chasing after my four-year-old son Riley. That's enough for me.

''I love curry. When I'm at home, my mum makes a banquet of different curries which are normally Asian-inspired.''