Jude Law and Phillipa Coan have welcomed their first baby together.

The 47-year-old actor revealed the news on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' on Monday (14.09.20) during a conversation with the host about his experience of the coronavirus lockdown.

Speaking via a video link from his London home, Jude - who married Phillipa last year - shared: ''I've fallen in love with my garden, I've realised how lucky I am to have a garden.

''And err ... we had the most beautiful spring, it was like the one blessing amidst this madness and I've become obsessed with my wisteria.

''So a wisteria, if you don't know, is a creeping flower and plant. It grows along a railing in my garden and I've got a raised garden above that, and sort of had this idea that I wanted it to go up and go along this railing too, so I trained down two wires and I literally watched this thing grow up the wire.

''It now goes up the wire and is growing along the top. I'm more obsessed with that than anything else in my life at the moment. My wife thinks I'm going a little bit crazy ... it smells beautiful. It smells great.

''Oh, and on top of that I had a baby! So there you go ...''

Jude already has five kids - Rafferty, 23, Iris, 19, Rudy, 18, Sophia, 10, and Ada, five - from previous relationships.

And he's admitted to relishing spending quality time with his newborn baby.

Jude explained: ''It's wonderful. So, again, we feel pretty blessed that we're in a time when we could ... as a family, you know, we could just nest and enjoy each other's company and take every day as it came.

''It was an unusual but an enforced kind of love-in.''