Karen Gillan has been cast in new sci-fi movie 'The Circle'.

The 27-year-old actress is set to appear alongside Hollywood legend Tom Hanks, newcomer John Boyega and 'Harry Potter' star Emma Watson in the film about a vast online community that aims to recruit hundreds of gifted minds.

The film is based on the book by Dave Eggers that was published in 2013 about a young college graduate - Mae Holland (Watson) - who secures a job at cool social media company known as The Circle.

The tech stars invented 'TruYou' - a user interface that streamlines all internet interaction and purchases and makes 'One button for the rest of your life online' - and are treated like celebrities of the modern world.

Hanks plays company boss Dan and Boyega is leading man Ty whilst Karen plays company employee Annie, who is a fiercely intelligent member of The Circle, Deadline reports.

The Scottish actress is also set to appear in 'The Big Short', western 'In The Valley Of Violence' and the eagerly-awaited sequel to 'Guardians Of The Galaxy', in which she reprises her role as Nebula.

'The Circle' is slated for release in April 2017.