Karen Gillan has been praised for shaving her head for 'Guardians of the Galaxy'.

Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige thinks it's ''really cool'' the 'Doctor Who' actress was willing to show such commitment to her part as Nebula by going bald in the new intergalactic superhero movie.

He said: ''She was willing to shave her head and she not only ended up shaving her head, but at Comic Con last year she came out on the panel in a wig and dramatically revealed it - it was so ballsy and it was so awesome. And she did all of her behind-the-scenes interviews completely bald and she is beautiful with hair and without hair, so it was really, really cool that she was willing to do that.''

Feige went on to praise Gillan's performance in the movie, adding to BANG Showbiz: ''Her audition was good and Nebula, the character she is playing, is a conflicted character and needs to have a number of different layers and a performance that comes through.''

The Hollywood producer insists Gillan's popular role as Amy Pond in the sci-fi series didn't influence director James Gunn's decision to hire her, but concedes her strong fan base is only a positive.

He added: ''It was a nice bonus that there was a fan base from 'Doctor Who', but that wasn't the driving factor.''