Kate Beckinsale declared she's just been "trying to survive" after suffering the year from hell.

The 50-year-old 'Shooting Fish' star opened up about the tough times she's being going through since the death of her stepdad Roy Battersby in January and her beloved cat Clive last year revealing she spent six weeks in hospital after suffering a torn esophagus, a flare-up from mast cell disease and "reactivated PTSD" stemming from the death of her dad Richard Beckinsale when she was a child.

Commenting on Kate's pictures from a trailer on a movie set, one troll remarked on the actress' weight and it prompted her to write back: "I nursed my [step-dad] to his death early this year. My mum also has stuff going on. I am adjusting to watching two fathers die, one when I was 5, one in January of this year."

She added that she "experienced a severe flare of mast cell disease ... [caused] by stress, shock and grief ... That’s what I am prepared to disclose that has contributed to some weight loss.

"What you think of my appearance and how I should look, independently of any circumstances in my life and my family’s is not important.

"I am trying to survive what feel like unbearable losses, reactivated PTSD from discovering my very young father’s almost dead body as a very young child alone in the night, and working to support the family I have left."

Kate added to critics of her weight: "The fact you fancy girls who are heavier than I am does not feature in things that are important or relevant. I don’t care what your taste in women is. I care that you think any of us need to be apprised of it … Do better."