Kate Winslet wishes she'd had "an intimacy coordinator" for all of her intimate moments on screen.

The 'Titanic' actress - who is no stranger to baring her skin on screen - admitted she "always had to stand up" for herself during such moments on film sets, but she sometimes struggled to do so.

She told the New York Times magazine: “I would have benefited from an intimacy coordinator every single time I had to do a love scene or be partially naked or even a kissing scene.

“It would have been nice to have had someone in my corner, because I always had to stand up for myself.”

The 48-year-old star explained that there is a long list of things she wishes she'd felt empowered enough to object to.

She added: “I don’t like that camera angle. I don’t want to stand here full-frontal nude. I don’t want this many people in the room. I want my dressing gown to be closer.

"Just little things like that. When you’re young, you’re so afraid of [annoying people] or coming across as rude or pathetic because you might need those things.

"So learning to have a voice for oneself in those environments was very, very hard.”

She noted that the strength she now shows professionally and personally has come from having to build up a wall, which has led to her not wanting to be seen as complaining.

She explained: "I was already experiencing huge amounts of judgment, persecution, all this bullying.

“People can call me fat. They can call me what they want. But they certainly cannot say that I complained and I behaved badly. Over my dead body.”

She pointed out how there is a reputational risk with objecting openly to certain things.

She said: "I would not have known how to do that without people in power turning around and saying, ‘Oh, Jesus Christ, you know, her again, that complainer'.

“I would rather suffer in silence than ever let that happen to me, even still today.”