Keith Urban's wife Nicole Kidman has been a ''huge influence'' on his creativity.

The 'Blue Ain't Your Colour' hitmaker has ''zero interest'' in acting and his wife feeling the same way about music, something with Keith thinks makes a ''harmonious flow'' for them both in their home.

He said: ''I have zero interest in acting. Nic has zero interest in being a musician. It makes for a harmonious flow in our house.

''But there's no question that Nic has been a huge influence on my creativity, simply for the way she approaches things in such a bold way. Curiosity makes her go toward something regardless of whether she thinks she can do it or not.''

And Keith feels Nicole's approach to life has inspired his own approach to music.

He added: ''As a musician you can try anything that is of interest and I started doing that with Fuse, really as a result of seeing how Nic approaches things.

''My dad would say, 'If you get asked if you can do something, say yes, then learn really quick.' Nic will agree to a project and then go, 'Oh s**t. Now I'm going to have to actually work out how to do this.'''

Keith has also inspired by Nicole's words when it comes to making deadlines and having release dates but he is finding it hard to plan because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking to The Times newspaper's Saturday Review supplement, he shared: ''As Nic says, you have to have an opening night otherwise you would just rehearse for ever. And as much as I hate deadlines and release dates, you do need them otherwise you'll never finish anything. It is just difficult to plan right now because we're in uncharted territory.''