Keke Palmer wants her future children to be "grounded."

The 28-year-old actress - who shot to fame as a teenager in the leading role of Nickelodeon sitcom 'True Jackson, VP' - is thought to be single after reportedly splitting from Darius Jackson earlier this year but explained that she wants to be an "inspiration" to any children she may have in the future and wants them to "know more" than she does.

She said: "[It's about] being able to talk to my kids and to be able to inspire them and encourage them. And also, just strap them with the things that they need to be even better than I could have even imagined. I want them to have more than what I have, and I want them to know more than me. [I want to] create a place for us to have conversations, for them to talk to me, for them to feel like I'm there and I accept them, but then also to provide them as much as I can—and to keep them grounded, too."

The 'Nope' star went on to add that she had learned from her own mother Sharon - who helped her create the 'Baby, this is Keke Palmer' podcast on Amazon Music - to "never" let other people's perceptions mask her own opinion of herself.

She told E! News: "[She taught me to] never let other people's perception of you be a perception of yourself. Just because it always reminds you to be the creator and the leader of your own story."

Keke also explained that while it is a"blessing" to be "very busy" with work commitments, she has to have time to herself for her own "sanity."

She said: "I'm very, very busy. It's like one of those things where blessings are great, but they're also extremely overwhelming. I think for me, it's just trying to maintain that balance and also being honest about that. I think honesty is the best policy because a lot of times we believe that when things are going good, that is just great. But it also is a lot. I try to just have what I can to myself because so much of my life is in the forefront. I just try to do that for my own sanity. You have to have boundaries in your life and that's just one of mine."