Keke Palmer admitted she got a "rude awakening" following the end of her relationship with Darius Jackson.

The 'Nope' actress - who was recently granted a temporary restraining order against her ex-boyfriend and sole custody of their eight-month-old son Leodis after accusing the fitness instructor of domestic abuse - reflected on how she quickly realised not all relationships were like the one shared by her parents, Larry and Sharon Palmer.

Speaking on her 'Baby, This Is Keke Palmer' podcast, she said: "So misogyny came at me hard and quick, with the quickness. I grew up in a house where my mom would say, 'This is what it needs to be.' And Larry would be like, 'Okay, Sharon. Go on ahead, Sharon.'

"So, for me, when I entered outside of my household and I saw that everybody doesn't really respect their wives or even women in the way that my dad respects my mom, it was a pretty rude awakening."

The 30-year-old actress then pondered if she was the "bad one" in a relationship", but was offered reassurance from her guest, Dr. Drew Pinsky.

She mused: "We're all in different dynamics with friends, family, lovers, and you find yourself saying, 'Well, damn it. Am I playing a game on myself, and I'm actually the person that's doing wrong?'

"How does someone know if they're - and look, it takes two to tango, right? - but how does someone know when they did the wrong thing and they're really the issue? How do you know when you're the issue?"

Drew replied: "Keke, the person who is re-evaluating themselves, trying to do what's right, contemplating they could be doing what's wrong, that is rarely the person who's doing wrong."

Keke is thankful she "chose happiness" and walked away from the relationship.

She said: "And at that point, it was just like, I choose happiness and I choose joy, and I don't choose to go back there.

"And like you said, as time goes on, I'm like, I'm good. Whatever that was, I'm good."

When she filed for her restraining order, the singer-and-actress claimed she feared for the safety of her son after Darius allegedly got "rough" with the baby.

In documents obtained by, she wrote: "On September 26, 2023, I was concerned for Leo's safety after Darius became very frustrated with him when Leo was crying while Darius changed his diaper.

"Darius started getting rough with Leo physically and I stepped in to make sure Darius would not hurt him. Darius was angry and it almost became a tug of war with Leo."

When she took over changing Leo, Keke alleged Darius turned his aggression on her instead.

She continued: "Darius finally let go and Leo was not harmed, but as I was holding Leo trying to comfort him and finish changing his diaper, Darius hit me in the head before storming out of the room."