The Kenan & Kel star reveals he felt suicidal and used drugs and alcohol to help deal with his split from first wife Tyisha Hampton in 2005 - around the same time his comedy show was axed.

It wasn't until he turned to his religious teachings that he began to turn his life around.

In a candid post on his website, he writes, "I have been through so many ups and downs in my life. Suicidal, divorce, drug and alcohol usage, deep in sin, dealing with the lost of love ones to gang violence, debt, hurt, pain, vanity, lust, heartbreak, feeling LOST looking for answers. I have seen, felt and been in all types of sin and have been done wrong by others...

"I let (Christ) in and Life is GOOD now, my eyes have been opened. I have always known God but now I have a true understanding of who he is and why I am here and why God has kept me safe and sinful ways are no longer around me because I am surrounded with the love of Jesus and I have allowed him to make the decisions in my life..."