Kelly Osbourne wants plastic surgery for Christmas – despite her mum warning it left her looking like “Cyclops”.

The reality TV veteran, 39, revealed her desire to start getting cosmetic surgery on a new festive episode of ‘The Osbournes Podcast’, on which she told her parents Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne and brother Jack about her wish.

She said: “I think I’ve decided what I want for Christmas.

Sharon, 71, sighed: “Oh, here we go,” before Kelly added as she patted her neck with both hands: “Plastic surgery.”

Shocked Ozzy, 75, exclaimed: “Kelly. Don’t! Don’t start.”

But mum-of-one Kelly, whose son Sidney – who she had with her 46-year-old Slipknot rocker boyfriend Sid Wilson – turned 12 months old in November, shouted back: “Well, I just think it’s my time!”

Sharon shook her head and said: “Too early.”

But the mum’s reaction sparked references to her history of plastic surgery, with Jack saying: “I’m pretty sure that you were…” before he was cut off by Sharon.

He added: “You were what? You were how old when you first started your journey down the road of cosmetic surgery?”

Sharon admitted: “Early forties,” with Jack adding: “Okay, well Kelly’s 39… .”

Kelly, who recently admitted she went a little “too far” in her mission to shed her baby weight, stressed she wasn’t “bummed out” about heading towards 40.

She added: “I feel like when you’re 40 you get respected more.”

Ozzy – who is battling agony from a string of back surgeries and dealing with a rare form of Parkinson’s – warned: “It goes by so quickly. And suddenly you’re 75 and you say, ‘How did I get here?’”

Kelly’s plastic surgery wish comes despite her mum’s regrets about going under the knife.

Sharon has told in several interviews over the last few years that her 2021 facelift left her looking “like a Cyclops”.

She recently added to The Times newspaper the procedure was “the worst thing that I ever did”.