It was a good day for Sesame Street and Kevin Clash, as the one-time Elmo voice-actor has been cleared of all charges of sexual molestation against three underaged boys, with the ruling judge at a federal court in New York saying that the defendants have waited too long to file their case.

Kevin Clash Elmo
The voice actor and puppeteer has been cleared of all charges

The lawsuits filed by Cecil Singleton, Kevin Kiadii and a 3rd unnamed accuser was deemed unfit for court, with the judge deciding that the cases against the voice actor and puppeteer was submitted too long after the statute of limitations had run out. As the judge detailed, the statute of limitations to sue someone for molestation expires 3 years after the accusers' 18th birthday and with Singleton - the man who cam forward to the police - aged 23 when he filed the report, he has missed the deadline.

Kevin Clash Sesame Street
Clash has voiced Elmo for years

The case was brought against Clash back in 2012, when Singleton and later Kiadii accused Clash of indecent behaviour when they were underaged, with a third and later a fourth accusation coming forward, although the fourth did retract his accusation. Cecil claimed he had sexual relationship with Clash when he was underaged, with the relationship continuing until he was in his adult years.

Clash has denied all charges brought against him and following the charges were brought against him he resigned from his long-serving post on Sesame Street. No word on whether the accusers will make an appeal on the case, but as it stands Clash looks as though he is in the clear.

Kevin Clash Grove
Clash is in the clear, for now