The dust is just settling on House of Cards season 2 – released in its entirety on February 14 – but there are concerns about the schedule of season 3, which has been delayed due tax breaks which are being debated in the Maryland legislature.

House of Cards season 2Raymond Tusk and Frank Underwood slog it out

They should, of course, send Frank Underwood in to sort it out. He could offer something no one else can and get the job done. That, or he could employ some of his other methods; you know, the ones that involve ending people’s lives.

The hit political thriller’s production company Media Rights Capital has sent a letter to Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley, demanding $15 million in tax credits. They threaten to "break down our stage, sets and offices and set up in another state" if they don’t get their wish.

"I wanted you to be aware that we are required to look at other states in which to film on the off chance that the legislation does not pass, or does not cover the amount of tax credits for which we would qualify," Media Rights Capital senior vice president Charlie Goldstein wrote in the letter.

House of Cards has been immensely popular since it returned for its second season, so much so that Netflix – the platform on which the show exclusively streams on – announced a third season shortly after the second was released. Filming for season 3 of the Netflix political drama series was initially scheduled to begin in early spring.

The first 2 seasons, which see Frank Underwood manipulate, lie and murder his way to the higher echelons of the political hierarchy, are currently available to stream on Netflix.