Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson were "not meant to be together".

The 39-year-old star split from Tristan following a series of cheating scandals, but Khloe has revealed that she now gets on "so well" with her ex-boyfriend.

Khloe - who has True, six, and Tatum, 21 months, with the sports star - told the 'SHE MD' podcast: "He did make mistakes. [But] he's the nicest guy and we get along so well now.

"We're not meant to be together, but he was meant to be the father of these kids. And we do get along so well and I'm really grateful for that because my parents got along so well."

Khloe has actually made a concerted effort to maintain a good relationship with Tristan since their break-up.

Khloe previously admitted that it would've been easier for her to distance herself from the NBA star in light of his paternity scandal.

Speaking to Tmrw magazine, she explained: "With me and Tristan, would it be really easy to never talk to him again and to just badmouth him or whatever? Of course. But it’s way harder to be nice.

"It’s way harder when you’re really mad at someone, it’s really hard to sit in their face in front of your kids and be like, ‘Hi!'"

In 2021, it emerged that Tristan had fathered a son with Maralee Nichols - but Khloe doesn't have any regrets about how she dealt with the scandal.

She said: "I had to learn to take control of my feelings.

"There were so many times that my feelings got control of me and I was impulsive and I tweeted something or posted something and things that you regret. But in my opinion, I’ll never regret being a nice person."