Kings Of Leon have continued the current trend of arty and thoughtful music videos with their new single, 'Beautiful War,' from Mechanical Bull. The 6 minute long film stars Tron actor Garrett Hedlund who plays a man supposedly struggling with his inner demons whilst trying to defend his pride.

Kings Of Leon
Kings Of Leon Debut A New Music Video.

In the video, Garrett plays a rather serious fellow who gets riled at all the attention his girlfriend is getting when she tries her hand at the mechanical bull rodeo game in a bar. Things escalate and he shockingly beats his own brother to death before immediately repenting.

Garrett Hedlund
Garrett Hedlund Plays A Bull-Riding Inmate In KoL's New Music Video.

The film is shot with the bar scene and the jailhouse bull riding he takes part in whilst in prison, meaning we know from the start where Hedlund's short-fused character is going to end up. Slow-mo shots of Hedlund riding the real-life bucking bronco whilst his former girlfriend looks on from the cheering crowd is filmed so powerfully that it'll be hard to stop your eyes from prickling.

Watch Kings Of Leon's 'Beautiful War' Video:

Hedlund is finally and heart-breakingly torn away from his former lover by prison guards as he is manhandled back into his cell. We're left with an interesting melange of emotions as the video comes to a close: was Garrett Hedlund truly a bad guy? Why is his former girlfriend still sticking around knowing he beat a guy to death? What about the bull's feelings?

Kings Of Leon MTV Awards
Kings Of Leon Went For A Shot Of Emotion In Their Latest Music Video.

The video is pretty inspired but it has to be said that we hope the song's a grower. Generic Kings of Leon guitars, vocals and themes probably means that this isn't going to be the new 'Sex On Fire.' Indeed, The Guardian agrees that 'Beautiful War' is "a slow-grower about love and fighting," and a "distant cousin of U2's With or Without You."

Sixth studio album Mechanical Bull saw the rocker brothers rise to the top of the album chart in the UK upon its late September release.