Kylie Jenner is "very proud" of Timothee Chalament's career.

The 26-year-old makeup mogul - who is thought to have made more than $1 billion through her KylieCosmetics company - has been daring 'Wonka' actor Timothee, 27, for almost a year and now an insider has claimed that the pair are doing "really well" and they are equally "supportive" of each other's work.

A source told 'Entertainment Tonight': "Kylie and Timothée have been doing really well. Even though Kylie has so many of her own commitments, she is very proud of Timothée and wants to be there for him and support him. "

The insider went on to add that Timtohee "admires" how 'The Kardashians' star Kylie - who has Stormi, five, and 22-month-old Aire with ex-partner Travis Scott - has such a "strong work ethic" whilst also balancing her busy lifestyle with being a mother.

The insider added: "Timothée is equally supportive of Kylie and admires her strong work ethic and how committed she is as a mom."

Just weeks ago, it was reported that Kylie had joined Timothee at the ‘Wonka’ premiere in London but did so in secret to ensure she didn’t steal his limelight.

A source told The Sun: “Kylie flew in from her home in Los Angeles on her private jet and was snuck inside the Wonka premiere in Leicester Square to be by Timothée’s side.

“This is a huge role for him and Kylie wanted to make sure the spotlight was only on him, so she went on a secret mission not to be seen.

“Timothée and Kylie were so loved up. It was incredibly sweet to see.

“She is clearly so proud of him and they really let their hair down at the party. They danced together and drank with their pals.

“Kylie used her own bit of Wonka magic to keep her presence totally unknown and when they left they departed through a secret tunnel to ensure no one saw them.”