Kylie Minogue has urged fans to "exfoliate" as she reveals her key beauty tips.

The 53-year-old singer has given some beauty and grooming advice, and even offered some words of wisdom when it comes to taking off false eyelashes.

Asking for her tips as she spoke to Olly Alexander before their 'Secret Socials with Hilton' show, she said: "Exfoliate!

"Take your makeup off. No not pull those false eyelashes off - slowly, surely!"

The 'I Should Be So Lucky' hitmaker also reflected on moving to London when she was 21, and the impact it had on her style.

The Australian star added: "That is when I got into club culture, and meeting designers – I'd be up and down Kings Road, because you didn't have stylists, you went and did everything yourself!"

Olly - who was born in Harrogate, North Yorkshire - recalled his own experiences moving down to London from Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire.

He explained: "I moved when I was 18, from my mum's in the Forest of Dean.

"I started going out in my early 20s in East London to all the gay clubs that are now closed, but that was my real coming of age."

Earlier this year, Kylie urged people to "follow their path" as she won the Gamechanging Icon Award at GLAMOUR's Women of the Year Awards.

Speaking via a video message, she said: "I think the constant I’ve always had and that I’ve always fought for is to not be boxed in, and to be able to really shapeshift and morph and grow and develop, and for that reason to be part of your Gamechangers Awards is very much meaningful to me.

"If that can be encouraging to anyone to follow their path and to enjoy that voyage of self-discovery, that’s just amazing.”

To help reconnect with the people and places we love, Kylie Minogue and Olly Alexander surprised 50 lucky fans at a secret Hilton concert in London.

Hilton is hosting a series of exclusive events across several of its iconic properties as part of 'Secret Socials with Hilton', throughout 2022 and beyond.