Kylie Minogue has told fans to "watch this space" as she seeks out a new collaboration.

The 55-year-old pop star is keen to try something new with her next tune because she "likes all change", and enjoys how each collaboration she's ever done has taken her down a path the music legend "didn't know [she'd] go".

She told NME: "I just love collaboration and stepping into different [genres]. Being malleable and seeing what’s possible.

"I like all change. Who would’ve thought I’d do a murder ballad with Nick Cave [1996’s 'Where The Wild Roses Grow']?

"Or sing with Kermit the Frog?

"There are so many artists I love, and every collaboration takes you somewhere you didn’t know you’d go. So watch this space!"

Kylie recently hinted she might experiment with indie folk music for her next tune, and has admitted it is one of her "happy places".

Speaking at Saturday's (02.03.24) BRIT Awards with Mastercard, where she performed a medley of her greatest hits, she added: "I just listen to playlists of one song I like, which leads me down this trippy path.

"Who should I seek out tonight? Just putting it out there that indie pop folk is one of my happy places."

Kylie also received the Global Icon Award at the ceremony, and became emotional when she accepted the accolade.

She told the crowd at London's O2 Arena: "I really tried hard to think about something to say but I knew I couldn't plan anything. I knew it would be all about the emotion.

"For some of you, it's been a lifetime - 36 years and counting. The thing that really gets me is a love of music and connection with people. Wherever you are, watching at home … I have people in this room who I've worked with for years. There's a part of me that's still a 14-year-old girl in her room dreaming of making music and being in this industry. I met some of the BRIT students before and I feel you, I feel your promise and I'm so excited. Here I am with this so anything is possible. You have my heart forever and always, thank you so much."