The drummer's Phaze Laser Tattoo Removal will open for those who regret their skin art on 13 April (15), and the rocker will be there to welcome fans and customers.

Spencer is hoping people like himself will flock to the shop - he was 16 when he had the image of cartoon character Yosemite Sam inked and he has since had the art removed.

The tattooed star says, "People sometimes regret having a tattoo with a former lover's name, or one that was poorly executed. It's called tattoo regret. Like me, they may want the old one faded enough to have new ink covering the original or removed completely.

"There are all types of lasers of varying degrees of quality. Poor-quality machines require many sessions and some even lead to damaged skin. I searched everywhere until I found the latest and best technology. Others may offer a cheaper fix, but you get what you pay for."

The Las Vegas native adds, "Laser technology has come a long way since my first experience. I'm happy to offer the latest and best available."