Lauryn Hill 's ex, Rohan Marley has announced that he is engaged to the supermodel, Isabeli Fontana. Isabeli, the former Sports Illustrated model has been dating Rohan since October last year. At 28, this will be her third marriage and she has two children from her first two marriages. Rohan is the son of the reggae legend Bob Marley. He has seven children of his own. Two of those are from his previous marriage to Geraldine Khawly and he also has five children with Hill.
Isabeli announced that she and Rohan are considering getting hitched in Ethiopia, where the Rastafarian movement was founded. "Rohan told me we have to return to the roots so the marriage will last forever," she told Veja magazine (reported by the Daily Mail)". When he met Lauryn, he was still married to Geraldine Khawly but he and Lauryn began a family, regardless. They met in 1996 and were together until last year, when he discovered that Lauryn was pregnant with another child, allegedly to another man.
Isabeli's mother has apparently expressed concerns at the pace of her daughter's relationship with the owner of the Marley coffee company. "I think everything is happening too fast but everything has a different rhythm with Isabeli." The couple reportedly see very little of each other, as they live so far apart. Isabeli still lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil, whilst Rohan currently resides in New York City.