Lewis Hamilton wants to whisk Rihanna away on a romantic cruise.

The British Formula 1 driver is smitten with the 'Stay' singer wants to spoil her by taking her to the Amalfi Coast in Italy.

A source said: ''Lewis has chartered the Mariotti 177, a $300,000-a-week super-yacht, and he's invited Rihanna aboard for a five-day cruise.

''A staff of 13 will be waiting to pamper them, so Rihanna won't have to lift a finger. Lewis doesn't want any distractions during their one-on-one time.''

The 30-year-old star has attempted to keep his romance with the 27-year-old beauty a secret, but hopes they will be ready to go public next month.

The insider told Life&Style magazine: ''He has asked Rihanna to be his date at the Italian Grand Prix in September. It's a big deal because he's the biggest star in Formula 1 racing and all eyes will be on him. He wants Rihanna by his side.''

The 'Diamonds' hitmaker recently took Lewis to her native Barbados and Sharon Bellamy Thompson - who helped raise the singer as a child, babysitting her and driving her to school - was very impressed by his ''British charm''.

Sharon said: ''They would have beautiful babies. As long as this man makes her happy, he's got my approval. You've got to love his British charm.

''I saw her at the carnival and Lewis is so handsome.''