Lewis Hamilton feels a ''responsibility'' to make his voice heard.

The Formula One racing driver wants to make sure to use his platform in the right way and wants to help protect his future and that of the next generation's in respect to climate change.

He said: ''Climate change poses a serious threat: each of us must protect his future and that of the next generation. Being a pilot, these positions always bring me criticism ... But you don't have to be perfect to make your own contribution. I feel the responsibility to make my voice heard in my sector and in all the activities that I carry out.''

The 35-year-old racing driver has always chased his dreams, encouraged by his family.

He added: ''You always have to chase your dreams: even if they seem impossible. When I was a boy, the idea of ​​becoming a Formula 1 driver was madness. I was very lucky because my father pushed me not to give up ... Pulling back isn't part of my character and that's one of the reasons I'm still here today. But the difficult moments have been many. I remember when I came home from school and dad told me that we wouldn't have enough money for karting that week. The other guys I met on the track didn't have these worries.''

Lewis always found it difficult to take defeats on the track when he was younger but now sees it as an ''opportunity to improve''.

He told Italy's Style magazine: ''When I was younger I struggled to face defeats, I took things personally and I had a tendency to punish myself. Now I know that every mistake is an opportunity to improve.''