Lily James thinks exercise helped her to survive the coronavirus lockdown.

The 31-year-old actress has revealed she feels empowered when she exercises regularly and is determined to keep herself in good shape.

She said: ''Without the normal structure of working life, I have to create my own schedule to keep myself motivated.

''I have found that starting my day with ­exercise is the key. When I work out regularly, I ­immediately feel the benefits.

''It's exciting to be empowered by that and it's a domino effect. Naturally, I start eating better and stop drinking so much wine.''

The 'Baby Driver' star has also recently started to ride her bike again, describing being out on the roads as a ''gift''.

She told Shape magazine: ''I also just started cycling again. I cycled everywhere when I moved to London, until my bike got stolen. Recently I got my bike back and that's been such a gift.''

Last year, meanwhile, Lily insisted fame doesn't guarantee happiness.

The movie star believes people need to change their ''bizarre'' relationship with ''celebrity and fame''.

She said: ''If you are trying to fill something in your life with fame, then it's not going to make you happy.

''I don't think I have really changed. Life has changed, other people's reactions to you change and that can be really difficult. People's relationship with celebrity and fame is bizarre, it can be quite dangerous. And social media feeds into that.''

In 2015, Lily went on a back-packing trip to Asia in a bid to regain her ''sanity'' and to escape the interest surrounding her.

The 'Yesterday' actress previously explained: ''I ended up back-packing with a friend in south-east Asia, staying in huts that were £2 a night, to regain my sanity.''