Veteran singer Linda Ronstadt has opened up about her struggles with Parkinson's disease, revealing simple tasks like brushing her teeth have become increasingly difficult.

The Blue Bayou star went public with her health crisis last year (13), revealing the condition has robbed her of her singing voice.

She has now updated fans on her illness, admitting the disease, which affects the nervous system, has made the smallest thing hard.

She tells San Francisco, California station Kpix-Tv, "It’s hard to wash my hair, brush my teeth, and put my clothes on. It’s hard to get up and out of a chair."

The 2014 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee admits she has tried to test her lost vocals on numerous occasions, but the results have been discouraging.

She adds, "It wouldn’t sound like anything. I can’t get to the note. I can’t make any quality sound. I can’t arrange pitch. I might aim for a note and hit another one. It sounds like shouting."