Rapper Lupe Fiasco shocked fans during a YouTube.com concert earlier this week (begs23Jun14) after falling off stage in the middle of his show.

The Superstar hitmaker was performing for fans as part of a pre-taped episode of online series SKEE Live on Wednesday (25Jun14) when he lost his footing and tumbled from the stage into the front of the audience.

He refused to let the incident disrupt his gig and hopped back up to the platform without missing a beat, reports HipHopDx.com.

He later brushed off the mishap by referencing the fall during a rap freestyle, prompting the crowd to cheer.

Fiasco isn't the only musician to suffer an embarrassing stage fall in recent weeks - country star Luke Bryan famously tripped up during a gig in Charlotte, North Carolina at the end of May (14), and video footage of the epic tumble went viral.