Review of Youth Novels Album by Lykke Li

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Lykke Li Youth Novels Album

Whilst a young Nordic girl with a slightly kooky voice singing slightly breathlessly over quirky indie music might seem rather passé already, this first full length offering from Sweden's new darling of the blog set is perhaps worth more of a listen than some of the more obvious offerings in this sub-genre.

Her tender vocal tones are mixed with a rather wide array of sounds, from pop to electro and 60s sounding adventures. There really are some gems amongst the pack. I'm Good I'm Gone is astounding - a perfect pop extravaganza reminiscent of The Cure at their poppy 80s best. Also waving the 'listen to me' flag is My Love - which comes over all Stereolab circa Dots and Loops.

Perhaps the album's downfall though is this very mix of styles and feel. Breadth of writing sadly compromises coherence and integrity, and leaves the listener confused rather than entranced.

If young female songstresses are jokes, then Kate Nash is a knock-knock joke - funny, but fleeting. Lykke Li seems like one of those long rambling pub jokes that have you laughing before the punch line. There's a lot more value for money here really, but whether you'll remember the joke to tell your mates at work is another thing.

Richard Edge

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